Sights of Buryatia: 35 best with photos and descriptions
Baikal This lake of tectonic origin is the deepest on the planet (1642 meters), and contains
Merchant House, Tyumen, Russia
Sights of Tyumen: where to go and where to take a walk on the weekend, interesting places for a tourist in one day
Why go to Tyumen: TOP 8 reasons Flight 2.5 hours Coordinates: 57.159650, 65.531811 Yes
Sights of the Irkutsk region
The most interesting sights of the Irkutsk region: list, photos and descriptions
Lake Baikal and the natural lands of the region are of main interest to tourists. Expeditions to nature reserves,
fish in chita
A little about Chita: where to live, where to eat, attractions
In the footsteps of the great Genghis Khan The personality of the great commander, conqueror Genghis Khan is covered in legends. A unique person who left
Ulan-Ude city
Geographical location and climatic conditions of residence
From Verkhneudinsk to the capital of Buryatia The name of the administrative center, unusual for the Russian language, evokes associations
The city of Biysk: geographical location, climate, economy, attractions
History and geographical location In 1709, Peter I issued a Decree in accordance with
Nizhny Tagil – information about the city where it is located, photos
Geography The city is located on the eastern slope of the Ural Mountains, 20-25 km from the conventional border of Europe
Kamchatka on a map of Russia with cities where the peninsula is located, borders
Kamchatka on a map of Russia with cities where the peninsula is located, borders
Climb to the top of a lava mountain and look into the smoking mouth of the volcano, go in search of
city ​​founders
From Ivan the Terrible to the present day: “Embankment of Life” was presented in Surgut
For many tourists, Surgut seems like a young developing city in Siberia, where people extract gas
Ancient and modern architecture of Omsk: photos of the most famous buildings, review of styles
By Russian standards, the city of Omsk is very young, it is only 303 years old. However this is one
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