Sights of Lake Teletskoye: 20 places to go on excursions and recreation

Many interesting sights can be seen in the vicinity of Lake Teletskoye, whose name in the southern Altai language sounds like Altyn Kol, translated as “Golden Lake”. It is located in the northeast of the Altai Mountains, in a place famous for the beauty of rich forests, mountain peaks, clear rivers and majestic waterfalls. The natural splendor of the reservoir is breathtaking; it is not surprising that it is so popular among tourists. Comfortable recreation centers and excursion routes covering the most interesting places have been prepared for guests here.

Where is Lake Teletskoye on the map of Russia

It is located on the territory of two districts of the Altai Republic – Ulagansky (south) and Turochaksky (north). There are several small settlements near the shores of Lake Teletskoye - Yogach, Artybash, Yailyu and Bele.

3D panorama of Lake Teletskoye

The distance from the lake to Novosibirsk is 590 km, to Barnaul – 410 km, to Gorno-Altaisk – 160 km, to Biysk – 260 km, to Chemal – 250 km. As you can see, it is quite far from large cities - there is practically no bus service to the lake, so people most often get here by car.

Stone Wonders

A few kilometers from the village of Iochag there is a “stone bay” connected to the lake by a small isthmus. The bay is surrounded by stone rubble of huge boulders mixed with ordinary stones and pebbles. Stones are clearly visible, the edges of which are very similar to those melted by high temperature. Among local residents, the prevailing version is that a meteorite fell here. Other possible causes are the collapse of a large rock and the disappearance of part of a glacier.

One and a half kilometers from the confluence of the Chulchi River into Chulyshman, you can observe another interesting phenomenon - “stone mushrooms”. These rock formations have a hard stone “foot” on which is a “cap” of softer rock.

The most interesting places of Lake Teletskoye

On your first day on Lake Teletskoye, you should pay attention to several natural sites that have become especially popular among tourists.

Korbu Waterfall

  • GPS coordinates: 51.707211, 87.686342.

The Altai word “Korbu” or “Korbo” is translated as “branch”. This is how local residents dubbed the waterfall located on the eastern shore of Lake Teletskoye. This area is a protected area, so you must obtain a pass before visiting.

Tourists are taken here by boat, and then they have to walk along a wooden boardwalk through a dense forest. A narrow river, running briskly over boulders, will lead travelers to the cascades of the Korbu Waterfall, whose foamy streams fall from a 12-meter height. In summer, the waterfall is especially beautiful: it is surrounded by an aura of sparkling haze formed by small splashes. In winter, “Korbu” freezes and turns into a huge block of ice sparkling in the sun.

Near the waterfall there is an observation deck, cafeterias and a small souvenir shop where you can buy photographs and decorative items made from natural materials as souvenirs.

Altai State Natural Biosphere Reserve

  • Coordinates: 50.866667, 88.950000.

The Altai Nature Reserve occupies 8,700 km2. The territory includes a variety of landscapes: river valleys, plains, hills and mighty coniferous forests. Here cedars, Siberian spruces and firs rustle with their evergreen branches. Hiking routes are laid through these forests.

Traveling through the reserve, on your way you can meet hares, hedgehogs, sables, and if you’re lucky, roe deer and musk deer. Far from human paths live larger and more dangerous animals - wolverines, moose, wild boars, reindeer, bears and even snow leopards.

The routes passing through the territory of the reserve are classified as ecological and health tourism. It is useful to visit here for those who have suffered from diseases of the lungs and respiratory tract (the cleanest air, saturated with the smell of pine needles and resin, has healing properties). Walking the trails also provides excellent cardio exercise.

Poklonnaya pine

  • Coordinates: 51.769521, 87.619664.

One of the most famous attractions of Lake Teletskoye is located near the village of Yailyu and is its symbol. This tree is unusual in that it grows almost parallel to the lake, clinging to the ground with its roots and touching the water surface with its branches. It is unknown when and for what reason the pine began to tilt. However, there is an assumption that this happened in the 1960s under the influence of a powerful mountain storm.

The tree is actively visited both in summer (when you can jump straight into the lake from its wide trunk) and in winter. During the frosty season, the pine tree looks especially impressive: its mighty branches freeze into the ice and become covered with silvery frost.

“Poklonnaya Pine” has become the main character of many legends and traditions, according to which it brings people happiness and fulfills wishes. But the most beautiful legend tells of a young girl who bowed before the majesty of the “Golden Lake” and turned into an evergreen tree.

Food and nutrition

On the way, in Gorno-Altaisk, we picked up food, thinking that it was difficult to get food on Teletskoye. But they were very mistaken, because there, in addition to small shops, there is a large Maria-Ra store with all products: from drinks and fruits, to meat, baked goods and frozen food. The prices are not inflated: buying in the store and cooking it ourselves cost us about 800-1000 rubles a day for four.

Also along the shore and on the opposite side of the road there are several catering places where prices are quite reasonable and the food is delicious. There are even local delicacies. Everyone who has been to the “Golden” Lake of Altai should try its main commercial fish called whitefish.

The most popular eating places among tourists:

  1. A small cafe of homemade Altai cuisine (next to the Golden Lake tourist center) is in demand due to the special flavor of its dishes and interior.
  2. A pancake house with hot and delicious pancakes, everything here is always fresh and “piping hot.” And children especially love this simple Russian food, whether for lunch or dinner.
  3. Cafe "Rusalochka" with Russian cuisine and specialties. Gourmets can try here grayling fish soup or baked fish, taimen kebab, deer meat, etc.
  4. The Artybash restaurant is almost twice as expensive here as in a cafe (the average bill per person is from 800 rubles), but everything is tasty and decent. There are plenty of snacks to go with beer; milk porridge and cottage cheese dishes are prepared for children for breakfast.
  5. Cafe "Golden Lake" is more like a canteen (in terms of prices and assortment). Here you can taste hand-made dumplings, buy homemade pastries, etc.

Having settled in and looked around a little, a couple of days later my family and I spotted the cozy Rusalochka cafe. Why did you choose him? Firstly, there were always visitors there - this means that the food is tasty and does not stale. Secondly, we were captivated by the decent interior both outside and inside the building - this is a kind of status of the establishment. Dinner in such a cafe will cost on average about 1,500-1,800 rubles for the whole family - this is inexpensive, considering that the amount includes tasting of delicacies (baked whitefish or deer meat).

Lake Teletskoye: impressive waterfalls

Waterfalls are the property of Lake Teletskoye. They add exoticism to its surroundings and attract the attention of a large number of tourists.

Kishte Waterfall

  • Coordinates on the map: 51.733799, 87.673256.

Kishte Waterfall is one of the largest waterfalls of Lake Teletskoye, its height reaches 12.5 m. It is located on the river of the same name, not far from the picturesque Cape Ayran. Landing at the waterfall is prohibited; it can only be admired while on a boat in the middle of the lake. From this angle, a stunning view opens not only of the lush cascades of the waterfall, but also of the rocky shores and majestic ridges of Cape Ayran.

The sound of seething streams can be heard from afar, which is why the waterfall was named “Kishte”, which translated into Russian means “calling”. A powerful stream falls into a bay with inaccessible rocky shores. On sunny days, its water surface takes on an unusual turquoise hue. In the crevices of the rocks of this unique attraction, bergenia grows and the bright inflorescences of the Ledebur rhododendron are colorful.

Estuba Falls

  • Coordinates: 51.742537, 87.441960.

The journey to this natural wonder begins by crossing the lake. Having reached the shore, tourists hear the welcoming ringing of the bell - the sea bell, which is how guests are greeted here.

Wooden floorings lead to the waterfall's abode, smoothly turning into walkways rising above a small but stormy river. Estyuba glides along the slope of the gorge in a powerful stream. On a fine day, several rainbows can be seen above it, appearing thanks to clouds of small drops.

The ideal time to visit this waterfall is late spring, when it is replenished with meltwater and the flow becomes even stronger.

Poisoning and rotaviruses

As at any resort, there is a chance of being poisoned by stale food or catching rotavirus. But there is always a way out: don’t drink local tap water, buy purified water at the Maria-Ra store (it’s cheaper there), check the expiration date on the products. As for eating in cafes, it is better to visit those establishments where you see a crowd of people and queues - this is a guarantee that there will be no dishes left from yesterday and the day before yesterday.

My husband and I decided to buy drinking water in the store, although the owner of the house said that drinking water flows from the tap and they can safely drink it. But just in case, have a first aid kit with you. There are no pharmacies in Artybash; the only pharmacy in this area is located on the opposite bank in the village of Yogach.

Rivers and bays on and near the lake

The banks of the rivers flowing from Lake Teletskoye and flowing into it are famous for their picturesque corners that have preserved the virginity of wild nature.

Chulyshman River

  • Coordinates: 51.343991, 87.748437.

Chulyshman is the largest tributary of the lake mouth, originating in the high-mountain lake Dzhulukul. At the end of the 19th century, the fertile banks of this river were an oasis of Siberian gardening and winemaking, and currently they attract lovers of extreme tourism. Rough currents and steep rapids have made Chulyshman a popular place for kayaking.

The river is no less in demand among fishermen. The abundance of fish in local waters is amazing. Grayling, Altai osman, whitefish, burbot and uskuch live here. But this place is absolutely not suitable for swimming. Having a mountain origin, Chulyshman remains cold even in the summer. Plus, due to the accumulation of vegetation, the water is quite cloudy and has a greenish tint.

Third River

  • Coordinates: 51.789302, 87.319696.

The third river flows into a gorge near the village of Artybash. An eco-trail runs along its shore. It is partly unpaved, covered with grass and tree roots, partly lined with gravel. Between the trees you can see information stands with educational information about the local fauna and flora.

There are special gazebos for relaxation. In their appearance, they resemble log cabins and do not in any way disturb the natural composition of the natural landscape.

In the upper reaches of the river there is a group of small waterfalls. 5-meter cascades flow down massive boulders that fell into the river from the top of the cliff thousands of years ago. In some places, streams form so-called “baths”, which look like miniature lakes decorated with thickets of greenery.

Stone Bay

  • Coordinates: 51.775572, 87.323491.

Stone Bay is a small bay separated from the lake by piles of stone blocks. It can only be reached by boat.

If tourists decide to walk along the shore, they will have to overcome massive boulders and sharp stones, because there are no paths or roads here. Nevertheless, this is one of the most beautiful places in Lake Teletskoye. The bay is surrounded by wooded hills and even among the gray blocks there are trees. In some places the water is cloudy, while in others it is so clear that the rocky bottom is visible.

Despite the inaccessibility and lack of amenities, the bay is very popular among tourists who appreciate the beauty of untouched nature.

General Tips

  1. In the Altai Mountains it is always cool at night, so even if it’s +30 outside during the day, you still need to take warm clothes (at least sweaters, trousers and sneakers). There is often rainy weather on Teletskoye; small children simply need rubber boots.
  2. Do not forget about the danger of tick-borne encephalitis: if you are not vaccinated, be sure to take a repellent spray against ticks and blood-sucking insects to treat your clothes.
  3. If you travel by car, refuel in Gorno-Altaisk: the further you are from regional centers, the worse the quality of gasoline - tested from your own experience.

My husband specially purchased a 20-liter canister for this purpose, so that there would be no unpleasant “surprises” on the way back.

4. Buy a guidebook: in addition to the exact mileage, all the interesting natural sites encountered along the road are listed there. For example, you are driving through a village, and in the book you find that you can see a unique cave from the highway. Along the way I educate my family, telling a lot of interesting things from this book. The road is fast and exciting.

Cordons of Lake Teletskoye

Cordons are forest guard posts whose purpose is to monitor the conservation of flora and fauna, as well as protect reserves from harm to the ecosystem. Near the cordons there are often buildings and lands that have not only economic, but also tourist interest.

Cordon Bele

  • Coordinates: 51.420804, 87.795901.

Cordon Bele is located on the picturesque terrace of the right bank of Lake Teletskoye. From here you can see a beautiful view of Mount Altyn, the Chulyshman river valley and Cape Artal. Up the hill is the small village of Bele, in whose honor the cordon got its name.

The residents of the settlement are employees of the reserve and the weather station. The terrace is built up with unsightly wooden houses, next to which you can see mills and wells. A little further away, an orchard blooms, producing rich harvests.

In addition to the beautiful views, the following buildings are of interest to tourists:

  1. A small recreation area equipped with a bench and a canopy. What gives it originality are two parallel columns made of stones, logs and animal bones. Between them there is a rectangle of birch bark, on which an ancient message seems to be written.
  2. The stone statue “Kezer-Tash” (“Stone Warrior”), standing near the shore in the middle of an overgrown field. This monument has been preserved since ancient times and is of historical and ethnographic value.

Cordon Chelush

  • Coordinates: 51.496172, 87.750473.

Cordon Chelyush stands in the place where the Chelyush and Bascon rivers merge with Lake Teletskoye. A pair of log cabins are located in a vast clearing called “Letnik”. Ancient Altai nomads stopped here to rest.

The clearing is surrounded on all sides by forest, where deer, roe deer and bears live in large numbers. The ecological and educational route of the Altai Nature Reserve passes by this settlement.

What a tourist needs to know

Almost the entire territory of the right bank belongs to the Altai Biosphere Reserve. This, in turn, led to some restrictions and bans for tourists. If you get tired and want to warm up by the fire, nothing will happen; it is prohibited to light fires in this territory. There are sights that you can see only with permission from the administration. But mostly tourists here are treated with understanding and the main thing is not to violate prohibitions. There is a peace zone that is completely closed to tourists and visiting it is prohibited - the Kamga River .

There are also special days and traditions when a lot of people gather here. For example, June is known for water competitions. In August, cold water swimmers gather and organize competitions. There is also a water festival, which is organized on Navy Day, but the snow rally takes place in February.

Wildlife corners

Wherever a traveler exploring Lake Teletskoe goes, around every turn he will find natural monuments, each of which is endowed with some feature that makes it unique and memorable.

Island of love

  • Coordinates: 51.745227, 87.514836.

The picturesque island rising from the lake is surrounded by the greenery of a pine forest. It received its romantic name for the reason that its shape resembles a heart (this is noticeable from a bird's eye view).

According to another version, the name is associated with a narrow strait, which can only be passed by a small two-seater boat, which is usually used by couples in love.

You can visit the Island of Love during a sightseeing tour of Lake Teletskoye. Tourists are allowed to land on the shore of the attraction and stroll through the picturesque surroundings.

Valley of the Chulyshman River

  • Coordinates: 51.321994, 87.721206.

Fans of hiking and rock climbing should visit the valley of the Chulyshman River. The river passes through a plain surrounded by high hills. The most difficult and dangerous place is the Katu-Yaryk pass, reaching an altitude of 800 meters.

The path, broken at sharp angles, leading from the foot to the top, is noticeable from afar. From the peak of the hill there is a breathtaking view of the valley, mountains and endless expanses of enchanting and mesmerizing Altai forests.

Mount Tilan-Tuu

  • Coordinates: 51.803049, 87.285697.

It is located on the territory of the village of Artybash. Its name translates as “Snake Mountain”. There are two versions of why the mountain was christened this way:

  1. The name is associated with an ancient Altai custom, according to which a young man, before the wedding, must carry his bride to the top of the mountain in his arms to prove his strength. If the young man turned out to be too weak, the girl turned into a snake and slipped away.
  2. The name of the mountain was given by the owner of one of the local tourist centers, who tells tourists a story that a giant snake supposedly lives on the top.

Be that as it may, there are no snakes on Tilan-Tuu, and it is completely safe for tourists to visit.

Tilan-Tuu does not differ in height - only 741 m, so you can climb it on foot. Well-trodden paths and sandy roads lead to the top. It is worth considering that the climb is quite steep; you need to take care in advance about comfortable shoes and a supply of water.

At the end of the trip, tourists will find an observation deck with a panoramic view of Lake Teletskoye, the villages of Artybash and Iogach, as well as the source of the Biya River.

Vanishing Source

  • Coordinates on the map: 51.695205, 87.297174.

The source is located in the valley of the Samysh River. It consists of two bowls lined with stones, which are filled with ice water from an underground spring. The source was nicknamed “disappearing” or “pulsating” because water appears in it for ten minutes every half hour, after which it goes underground.

Spring water is crystal clear, and some believe it has healing properties. Bathing and washing are allowed only in the lower bowl, while the upper one is considered holy.

Choosing a time to travel

The first thing to say is that this place is magnificent all year round, and whenever you decide to go on a trip, it is sure to impress, surprise, and remember for a long time.

If you go in the summer, you can sit by the water, go fishing and even swim; if you don’t dare swim in the cool water, you can do this on a motor ship or boat. In the spring, wild rosemary begins to bloom on the shore, an amazingly beautiful sight, it seems that the shores are burning with a lilac flame. And you will be very pleased with the variety of colors; autumn here is magnificent, bright and memorable. In winter, it is possible to visit the ski resort and enjoy winter sports.

Review of good beaches for swimming on the lake

In addition to excursion and ecological tourism, another type of recreation is popular on Lake Teletskoye - beach. Swimming in one of the most beautiful lakes in Altai is a great pleasure.

South coast

The southern coast is famous for its wide sandy coastline. Here you can find everything your heart desires: hot golden sand, where you can lie down and sunbathe, clean clear water and amazingly beautiful views of the hilly surroundings. The beach line is long, so even during the peak tourist season it will not be difficult to find a secluded corner.

Cape Kyrsai

  • Coordinates: 51.364819, 87.759073.

Cape Kyrsai is located where the Chulyshman River flows into Lake Teletskoye. Its shores are deserted, there are no forests or lush vegetation, only occasionally low bushes and thickets of dry grass are found. Narrow sandy beaches stretch along the water's edge.

Chulyshman is a cold mountain river, but when mixed with the warm waters of the lake, it warms up and becomes suitable for swimming. A visit to the beaches of Cape Kyrsai is not only an opportunity to splash around, but also to admire the impressive views of the blue river and rocky cliffs.

Various excursion programs

Excursions with a variety of programs are organized daily, everyone can choose what will be interesting to them:

  • Hiking. This is the best option, allowing you to get to know the area, but you should be prepared that the path can be quite difficult.
  • Aquatic. A boat trip, thanks to which you can get acquainted with the sights and see beautiful landscapes.
  • Equestrian. We can say that this is the same as walking, but more comfortable and easier. In addition, communication with horses, according to psychologists, has a beneficial effect on humans.

And if you want a little extreme, you can give preference to quad biking. And, of course, we cannot forget about fishing, which is very popular in these places.

The best recreation centers on Lake Teletskoye

The basis of the infrastructure of Lake Teletskoye is numerous tourist centers, equipped with comfort to ensure first-class recreation for guests.

Tourist complex "Eden"

  • Address: Kedrovaya st., 1, Artybash village.

Without a doubt, this is the largest recreation center on Lake Teletskoye. The houses are large and have a variety of rooms, including VIP apartments. The rooms are spacious, furnished with comfortable furniture.

Guests can enjoy bathhouses, a tiered pool with a water slide, picnic pavilions, and camping. Guests of Eden note the friendliness and hospitality of the staff, as well as the cleanliness of the rooms and area.

Recreation center "Mountain Lake"

  • Address: Teletskaya st., 117, Artybash village.

The camp site is located in the village of Artybash. The complex consists of several wooden houses, the windows of which overlook the mountains, forest or coast. The base is located away from the bustle of the countryside. Here tourists can enjoy the silence and purity of nature.

The list of services provided includes baths, a swimming pool with sun loungers, billiards, cafeterias and a small store where you can purchase natural cosmetics and medicinal products, as well as unique and original souvenirs.

Recreation center "Estyuba"

  • Address: Turochaksky district.

The territory of the Estuba base begins at the very edge of the water and goes deep into the forest. Log houses stand in the thick of pine trees and on green meadows.

Paths run in all directions leading to the shore of the lake or to deep streams with bridges across them. The interiors of the houses are lined with fragrant wood. They are heated using Russian stoves, which creates an even more cozy, homely atmosphere. The supply of environmentally friendly electricity is provided by a local hydroelectric power station.

In the summer, in the clearings of Estyuba, you can set up a tent, light a fire and spend the night in nature. There are also gazebos and barbecue grills.

Estate "Teremok"

  • Address: Artybash village.

“Teremok” is located at the foot of Mount Tilan-Tuu. Wooden cottages, reminiscent of old Russian towers, are located far from the noise of cars and the roar of motor boats. Behind the base lies a coniferous forest, and ahead is the blue Teletskoye Lake, which is only a ten-minute walk away.

The construction of residential buildings here was approached in a very original way: the huts are decorated with carvings, kokoshniks and lace trims. Some are equipped with verandas with balustrades. But “Huts on Chicken Legs” are of particular interest. These houses rise above the ground, supported by two bird legs.

The decoration of the rooms is modest but cozy. The walls of the bedrooms and dining room are trimmed with cedar and fir. At the base there is a bathhouse and gazebos with barbecues.

An unforgettable vacation awaits guests of Lake Teletskoye. Spending time on its shores is beneficial for both body and soul. Here tourists recharge with energy, which is enough for a whole year - just before the next trip, which they will definitely want to do!

Entertainment for travelers

What else can you add to your vacation on Lake Teletskoye in 2021? In addition to natural attractions, picturesque landscapes and clean air, there is entertainment for travelers of all ages.

First of all, it is worth visiting the local zoo, where animals are practically in their natural habitat. In addition, some of them can be fed. Not only children, but also any adult will enjoy watching their habits. Don't forget to stop by the souvenir shops to see handicrafts, clothing and memorabilia.

You should definitely take a ride on the motor ship “Pioneer Altai”. He is a real legend because he got here straight from Moscow under his own power. The boat trip lasts 4.5 hours, you will have time to cover 70 km and see all the beauties of the lake. Including visiting the Korbu waterfall.

The most popular option is a boat excursion. The ride itself is invigorating and also includes an overview of the waterfalls and Stone Bay. A separate program involves traveling to a protected area that is not accessible by car.

Entertainment for travelers

At the same time, there are also car excursions. Usually groups of 4-6 people are recruited and set off along several routes - to the local apiary, the village of Turochak and to the pulsating spring. A separate ethnographic program is the most expensive and includes a visit to an Altai village.

You can go on foot to the waterfalls, go on a horseback ride through the local surroundings, and climb the “Snake Mountain” with an accompanying person. Fishing enthusiasts can fish on the Biya River for free or do it for a fee with an instructor who knows good places.

How to get to the ski resort

Despite the distance from big cities, getting to Artybash is not as difficult as it seems.

  • BY PLANE. There is an airport in Gorno-Altaisk, from where you can get to the village of Artybash by bus or car;
  • BY TRAIN. Biysk railway communication is organized with Novosibirsk, Krasnoyarsk, Barnaul. From Biysk buses leave for Artybash every morning at 9:15 a.m. and in the afternoon at 3:25 p.m.;
  • BY VEHICLE. Bus routes are organized with Krasnoyarsk, Barnaul, Biysk, Novosibirsk, Gorno-Altaisk. You can find the road to the ski resort on your own on the map of the Altai Territory, so traveling in your own car will not cause any difficulties.

How to get to Baikal?

Before you come to Baikal with tents and make a fire, you need to get to it; you can learn about all the paths and routes to Lake Baikal from a separate article, completely devoted to the question of how to get to Baikal. I know that most tourists already know everything, but there are also people who are coming here for the first time and have no idea where to start, rest assured, this article will help you decide!

And of course, I forgot about the most important thing, which is very closely intertwined with this article - a tent, a sleeping bag and a thermos. For those tourists who have not yet decided how to choose a tent, as well as how to choose a sleeping bag and a high-quality thermos for tea, be sure to read a detailed article about the correct choice of a tourist tent and its accessories.

What types of fish can you find

The reservoir abounds in various fish and rare subspecies. Some fishermen manage to catch taimen using spinning rods. This giant requires trolling, strong tackle and submerged wobblers.

In the summer season you can fish both with spinning and fly fishing. You can come across hefty grayling trophies closer to the river mouths. Earthworms, flies, and live insects are suitable for bait. The donka and fishing rod come across special trophies - lenka, the taste of which is even better than that of taimen.

There are a lot of whitefish in the pond. Local residents compare it to a herring, similar in appearance. To catch whitefish you need a spinning rod, for bait - wobblers, vibrotails, twisters.

It's exciting to catch dace in a pond. There is a lot of it on the south coast. It is better to fish with a light float rod.

The shoreline on the lake is special, so fishing is only effective from a boat. Dace is well caught by fly fishing using maggots, worms, and insects during periods of their mass emergence. With the arrival of autumn, pike, perch on spinning rods and silicone baits begin to bite.

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