Tour of the city of Cherepanovo: “Monuments of our city”

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The distance from Barnaul to Cherepanovo by car is 133 km, by train – 119 km. Cherepanovo is located in the Novosibirsk region near the P-256 highway. There is a lot of transport from Barnaul to Cherepanovo: buses, electric trains, trains, but getting there by bus is inconvenient due to the fact that they do not enter the city itself, stopping at the turn to Cherepanovo. The cheapest option to get there is by train; travel by bus is also inexpensive and the most expensive is by train.

Travel time by train is 2–2.5 hours, by bus and train – 2.5 hours, by car – 2 hours.

Check out the current schedule of all types of transport, ticket prices and travel features to choose the best method for yourself. Explore alternative options: traveling with a travel companion or driving your own car. For convenience, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the route and its description, services for purchasing tickets online and finding a ride with a travel companion.

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Train Barnaul - Cherepanovo

Barnaul railway station Photo: © Wikipedia the Free Encyclopedia

You can get from Barnaul to Cherepanovo by passing trains that run regularly. Every day there are three or four trains from the Barnaul railway station. They arrive at Cherepanovo station after 2 hours 20 minutes - 2 hours 40 minutes. On the route they make only two stops before Cherepanovo: Altaiskaya and Ust-Talym.

The trains are represented by compartment and reserved seat carriages. Some have air conditioning and dry closets. If it is necessary to transport animals, choose appropriate wagons. The price of a ticket for the Barnaul - Cherepanovo train in 2022 ranges from 800 to 1,500 rubles . This is the most expensive transport in this direction.

Train schedule Barnaul - Cherepanovo 2022

Buy railway ticket Barnaul - Cherepanovo

Train tickets are sold not only at ticket offices at train stations. You can also buy them online in several ways: on the Russian Railways website or using the special service, which immediately displays the rating of the composition and reviews about it.

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Train Barnaul - Cherepanovo

Two trains run daily from Barnaul to Cherepanovo. One departs from Barnaul railway station in the morning, and the second at lunchtime. They reach Cherepanovo station in 2–2.5 hours. Electric train No. 7102/7104 is an express train; it travels 40 minutes less than the second option. It makes only nine stops before Cherepanovo, but there is a transfer before the city. The train itself is then sent to Novosibirsk. Direct commuter train No. 6016 with the final stop at Cherepanovo, which travels at lunchtime, makes many more stops - 22, which is why it takes longer on the route.

The price of a train ticket is 148 rubles , in addition, children and beneficiaries are given discounts of 50%.

Train schedule Barnaul - Cherepanovo 2022

The commuter train schedule may change several times a season; we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the current schedule on the board below.

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The city of Cherepanovo in the Novosibirsk region

General information about the city of Cherepanovo

Cherepanovo is a city in the Novosibirsk region ]Cherepanovo district[/anchor]. Located on the banks of the Inya River. Railway station on the Novosibirsk-Novokuznetsk branch. The distance to the regional center is 109 km. The population is more than 19 thousand people.

From the history of the city of Cherepanovo

The city of Cherepanovo owes its birth to the Altai Railway; it was then, during its construction in 1912, that the Cherepanovo station and a village near the station called Svobodny appeared. The Cherepanovo station got its name for a completely simple reason: a hunting lodge that stood on the spot where the station was built and the land also belonged to the peasant Cherepanov. In 1921, it was decided to rename the village of Svobodny to the city of Cherepanovo; such a step was legitimized by the central government only in 1925, which is considered the year of the birth of the city.

Cherepanovo during the war against fascism

During the war against the fascist occupiers, the city of Cherepanovo received evacuees from other regions of our country, including from besieged Leningrad. In addition, the institute and technical school specializing in precision mechanics and optics from Leningrad were evacuated here, and hospitals were opened for wounded soldiers. The city's enterprises began to produce new types of products: they made felt boots, sewed winter clothes, tanned leather, and sheepskin. 17 thousand people from the entire region went to the front, of which about 6 thousand did not return. 12 were awarded the title of Hero of the Soviet Union. Streets in Cherepanovo are named after some of them.

Sights of the city of Cherepanovo

Cherepanovo greatly honors its Heroes; many monuments have been erected in the city:

To the soldiers who died on the fronts of the Great Patriotic War; to the first school graduates killed in the war is installed in the school yard; monument to I.F. Spiryakov; to the soldiers killed in Afghanistan and Chechnya; a T-34 tank on the station square (it is noteworthy that this tank previously stood in the city of Potsdam in Germany), a WWII-era howitzer was installed on the same square; a Memory Alley was built; Lenin monument; and finally, a worship cross near the road at the entrance to the city.

During its relatively short history, just over 100 years, the city managed to acquire historical monuments, including: the Water Tower, the Church of St. Alexei, the Children's House of Creativity, School No. 3 and the House of Soviets.

The city has a local history museum, a palace of culture, an art gallery, and libraries.

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(Novosibirsk region)

OKATO code:
City since:
1925 City of district subordination (Cherepanovsky district, Novosibirsk region)
Cherepanovsky district
The city was formerly called:

Telephone code (reference phone)

Deviation from Moscow time, hours:
Geographical latitude:
Geographical longitude:
Altitude above sea level, meters:
280 Sunrise and sunset times in the city of Cherepanovo

Algorithm for calculating the distance between cities

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Cherepanovo: maps

Cherepanovo: photo from space (Google Maps) Cherepanovo: photo from space (Microsoft Virtual Earth)

Nearest cities. Distances in km. on the map (in brackets along roads) + direction. Using the hyperlink in the distance , you can get the route (information courtesy of the AutoTransInfo website)
1Linevo26 (35)WITH
2Art. Evsino 32 ()WITH
3Iskitim46 (53)WITH
4Talmenka (Altai region)46 (56)YU
5Maslyanino56 (53)IN
6Berdsk61 (71)WITH
7Ozerki (Altai Territory)69 ()YU
8Siberian (Altai region)79 (87)SE
9Koltsovo81 ()WITH
10Krasnoobsk81 ()WITH
11Yarkovo81 ()NW
12Verkh-Tula82 ()NW
13Suzun82 (80)SW
14Baryshevo83 ()WITH
15Borovikha (Altai region)84 ()YU
16Zalesovo (Altai region)92 (143)IN
17Novosibirsk95 (103)WITH
18Ob97 (120)NW
19Ordynskoe97 (207)Z
20Novoaltaysk98 (110)YU
21Barnaul100 (124)YU
22Shelabolikha (Altai Territory)101 (200)SW
23Vlasikha (Altai region)103 ()YU
24Pavlovsk (Altai region)103 (172)YU
25Chick104 ()NW
26Prokudskoye105 ()NW
27Mountain105 ()WITH
28Krivodanovka106 ()NW
29Southern (Altai Territory)109 ()YU
30Lebyazhye (Altai region)109 ()YU

a brief description of

Located 109 km southeast of Novosibirsk. Railway station.

Territory (sq. km): 24

Information about the city of Cherepanovo on the Russian Wikipedia site

Historical sketch

The village of Svobodny arose in 1912 in connection with the construction of the Novonikolaevsk - Barnaul railway on the site of the wintering grounds of settlers. Cherepanovo station was opened in 1915 (the name comes from the nearby village of Cherepanovo, now Bochkaryovo, it is named after the surname).

Since 1921, the center of the Cherepanovsky district, Cherepanovo. In June 1921, the village of Svobodny, by order of the Cherepanovsky Revolutionary Committee, was renamed the city of Cherepanovo. The decision of the All-Russian Central Executive Committee to grant city status was issued in December 1925.


Combines: meat, dairy, bakery products. (production of steam boilers), building materials. Garment factory.

Main enterprises


OJSC "Novosibirsk Cherepanovsky ZSM"
633510, Novosibirsk region, Cherepanovsky district, Cherepanovo, st.
Svobodnaya, 105 Offers:


OJSC "Cherepanovsky Meat Processing Plant"
633523, Novosibirsk region, Cherepanovsky district, Cherepanovo, st.
Kirova, 62 Offers:
Sausages, smoked meats

Culture, science, education

Museum of History and Local Lore.

Museums, galleries, exhibition halls

Cherepanovsky Museum of Local Lore 633525, Novosibirsk region, Cherepanovsky district, Cherepanovo, st. Partizanskaya, 10 b Phone(s): (38345) 22-021

Population by year (thousands of inhabitants)

Barnaul — Cherepanovo by car

The journey will take 2 hours. The distance from Barnaul to Cherepanovo by car is 133 km. The path is not difficult and leads along the P-256 highway. This is a well-surfaced track. It is divided into two lanes. You can easily move along it at the maximum permissible speed, since there are no ruts, holes or bumps. It will take a lot of time to leave the city. Intermediate points: Novoaltaysk, Ozerki, Talmenka, Bezmenovo. Shortly after Bezmenovo, at the first turn you need to turn right. Then you need to drive about 6 km to the center.

Due to the short distance, you will not need to make any stops along the way. That is why you can get to Cherepanovo as quickly as possible by car. However, if necessary, along the P-256 highway you can find gas stations, cafes and even shops.

Description of the route Barnaul - Cherepanovo

Route length between Barnaul and Cherepanovo: 133 km

Approximate travel time: 2h 11m show route description

33m16sHead straight
50m25sHead right
528m1mHead left onto Novogolnaya Street
4km6mHead right onto Lenin Avenue
156m19cHead straight
587m1mHead right onto 01K-01
1km1mHead straight to the Right Bank Highway
2km2mHead straight to the Right Bank Highway
10km9mHead straight to 01K-01
2km2mHead straight to P-256
104km1h 34mHead straight to P-256
1km1mHead right onto Shosseynaya Street
1km2mHead straight to Shosseynaya Street
956m1mHead straight to Spiryakova Street
495m1mHead straight to Spiryakova Street
104m13sHead straight to Furmanova Street
288m26sHead straight to Furmanova Street
479m43sHead straight to 50K-15
1km1mHead straight to Krasny Prospekt
138m12sHead right onto Sovetskaya Street
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